Organización (en)

Organisational Structure

The president of AIPE is Miguel Ángel Carrilo Suarez, who chairs the General Board of the Official Associations of Civil Engineers.

The General Meeting is the Association’s highest governing body. It is comprised by all members and each entity or association representing each of the current nine areas of engineering and their regulated activities has the right to vote proportionally to the number of members in each professional group.

The Association will be managed and represented by the Board, which will be composed by a President, who will also chair the Association, a Vice-president, a Comptroller-Treasurer, a member for each of the current fields of engineering under regulation and a Secretary. 

The Board can only be formed by engineering professionals who are members to entities or associations integrated into the Association as associate members. 

The Board positions will be appointed by the Extraordinary General Meeting. 

All Board positions will be pro bono.

The Supervision and Guarantees Committee is the highest body responsible for developing and maintaining the certification scheme, which also intervenes in case a complaint or appeal is dismissed. Its decisions are not subjected to review by any other body. It represents the interests of all the major stakeholders in an equal and impartial manner, with no particular interests prevailing over others.

This Committee is presided over by Fernando Guijarro Merelles, Dean of the Official Association of Industrial Engineers of Extremadura.

A professional association or society, member of AIPE, that has the necessary resources and willingness to apply the PE model. They are responsible for conducting the entire certification process, under the supervision of the Supervision and Guarantees Committee, and for performing annual reviews of the activities carried out by certified engineers.

Certification Chapters are responsible for controlling and managing the following processes acting as the system’s key agents in the following tasks:

  • Communicating with the candidates and PEs.
  • Communicating and managing procedures with evaluators.
  • Managing certifications and annual oversight and recertification procedures.
  • Checking the system’s documentation for the latest updates.
  • Serving as a channel for complaints and inquiries.
  • Carrying out internal audits.

Learn more about the Certification Chapters. 

The Secretariat is in charge of monitoring documentation and archiving files. At present this function is performed by the National Association of Engineers ICAI

Work Groups are appointed by the Board according to the Master Plan approved in February 2016 and they are as follows:

External/Internal Relations, aimed at extending the model to all of the fields of engineering; identifying other compatible models in Spain; and building relationships with international certification bodies. Noteworthy is the work performed jointly with AQPE that results in several events that are organised together and, above all, the progress made in building international relationships, which has already led to the formalisation of several mutual recognition agreements.

Marketing, aimed at defining products and market segments; developing a sales network together with the chapters/associates; creating a value-added PE brand; and providing value added to students.

Communications, aimed at developing and maintaining AIPE’s web page; generating contents; and disseminating information through the social media.