AIPE Members (en)

AIPE Members

Agricultural Engineers

The General Board of the Official Associations of Agricultural Engineers is the body that represents and coordinates all the related associations...

Industrial Engineers

Industrial Engineers represent the profession through their General Board, which is comprised of regional associations.

Naval and Ocean Engineers

The Official Board of Naval and Oceanic Engineers is a public law corporation responsible for overseeing the regulated...

ICAI Engineers

The National Association of ICAI Engineers is a private legal entity with a scientific and cultural dissemination purpose that has full capacity to fulfil its purpose.

Mining Engineers

Mining engineering, a discipline that dates back to the 18th century, continues to be ahead of the times in the 21st century, showing great efficacy and capacity ....

Forestry Engineers

A non-profit organisation created pursuant to a decree dated 5 May 1954 in order to defend and support the interests of Forestry Engineers.