ICAI Engineers

Ingenieros ICAI

ICAI Engineers

The National Association of ICAI Engineers is a private legal entity with a scientific and cultural dissemination purpose that has full capacity to fulfil its purpose.

We follow two lines of action by getting involved with and for our members and by taking responsibility to drive the progress of engineering. Regarding our members, we want to facilitate networking and loyal collaboration, while keeping a close eye on defending the profession’s prestige, being a meeting point for professionals who feel treated as persons.

Regarding the second line of action, we intend to play an active role in driving engineering forward, which would eventually lead to economic growth, accomplishment of social goals and involvement in socio-economic decision-making. All of this is bolstered by a true service vocation, as conveyed by the motto of the ICAI Engineers’ 7th Congress held in 2015: “Value and talent at the service of society”.

As a public institution, we are strongly committed with the Higher Technical School of Engineering (ICAI) of the Universidad Pontificia Comillas, as well as with other engineering platforms and public administration bodies with whom we join forces in order to obtain the best results in promoting the development of engineering.