AIPE is an independent entity that certifies engineers in all areas of engineering, accrediting their professional experience based on objective evidence.


Being a Professional Engineer provides the engineer with a competitive edge that favours business exchange and international cooperation.


Guided by a competence-based model, AIPE promotes a culture of qualified professionals, ongoing training and sound experience, thus ensuring a top-quality service that is a guarantee and reassurance for companies and society.


The agreements signed with other similar international organisations provide professionals with international recognition and enable them to work in other countries.

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Aimed at Engineers

International Recognition

Safety and Guarantee of Professionalism

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“Professional certifications enable the market to identify the best qualified professionals according to their needs.”
Miguel Iriberri
Industrial Engineer
“When I tell people that I have a certification that not only evidences my experience, but also the skills that I have acquired over the years and my ongoing training −all of which I have been able to prove−, the feedback is always positive.”
Jacobo Archilla
Industrial Engineer