Professional Engineer (en)

Professional Engineer Competence-based Certification

“Competence” should be understood as the capacity to acquire and apply knowledge and skills in the right context. Certification is a proof of competence and not just a validation of academic knowledge, nor a verification of the experience stated in an individual’s CV. 

PE – Model of competence-based certification of Professional Engineers compliant with international standards (UK-SPEC, among others). The following competences are evaluated: 

  • Capacity to apply new and current engineering techniques, using an innovative, creative and change-oriented approach.
  • Capacity to develop and implement new technologies; promote advanced design or design methods; introduce new and more efficient production techniques and construction and marketing concepts; and become pioneers in developing top-notched engineering services or management methods.
  • Technical and commercial leadership capacity, having effective interpersonal skills and highly ethical and professional standards.
  • Interpersonal skills that show good interpersonal and communications skills when leading technical teams or submitting proposals.
  • Working in line with professional standards, contributing to corporate social responsibility, and observing the Code of Conduct and safety measures regarding other workers in the work environment.

All of the foregoing competences are assessed according to four levels that determine their professional adequacy. 

  • Level I.- Carries out his/her activity following instructions and under supervision; performs basic and predictable tasks with scarce or no individual responsibility at all.
  • Level II.- Carries out his/her activity in varied contexts; needs to be supervised only in complex situations; has some degree of individual responsibility or autonomy.
  • Level III.- Carries out his/her activity in some complex and unusual contexts; has great responsibility and autonomy; can supervise other people’s work.
  • Level IV.- Carries out his/her activity in a wide range of complex and unusual contexts; has significant personal autonomy; can contribute to the development of others.