Quién puede certificarse (en)

Who can seek certification

In all categories, including that of Junior Professional Engineer, having a degree in engineering equivalent to MECES 3 or EQF7 or an official master’s degree in engineering is mandatory, pursuant to the Registry of Universities, Centres and Degrees (RUCT, Spanish acronym) of the Ministry of Education of the Government of Spain.

Foreign university degrees will be deemed valid for certification purposes provided that they are certified to be equivalent to the above-stated degrees, or recognised and authorised by the relevant Ministry for the related professional activity to be performed.

In addition to the previous requirement that is compulsory for all four professional categories, the three Professional Engineer categories also have other requirements, specifically concerning the number of years of professional experience, Continuous Professional Development (CPD), and the degree of professional expertise.

Since CPD also implies a series of requirements and considerations, and before specifying the requirements for each Professional Engineer category, CPD is briefly described below. The full description of CPD is contained in standard IPR-1002 on the Requirements for Continuous Professional Development for Professional Engineers.

Continuous Professional Development means maintaining the professional certification active throughout time by carrying out certain pre-established activities and the profession without significant interruptions, with the know-how required to remain up to date in the sector.

CPD is based upon three concepts, namely:

  • Activity categories: Different actions that fall under CPD.
  • Professional Development Units (PDU): Units used to calculate activities.
  • Total annual minimum amount: Minimum number of PDUs to be completed each year.

Professional Certification Categories

These categories vary according to the professional experience gained since a degree was obtained:

ü        Junior Professional Engineer: Less than 4 years of professional experience. 

ü        Professional Engineer: At least 4 years of professional experience.

ü        Senior Professional Engineer: At least 8 years of professional experience.

ü        Expert Professional Engineer: At least 16 years of professional experience.

ü        Emeritus Professional Engineer: A Professional Engineer that is retired.